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Ever heard of place where you can find security, video surveillance or a digital video recorder all in one place? Look no further and welcome to 2m cctv. As an unbelievable internet mega store, it is our privilege to understand and provide consultation to all your needs. After over two decades in the industry, our professionalism is unmatched in the industry. Were you aware that while you are in another part of the world multiple security cameras can record every thing happening at your local location. Not only will they record it, but you have 24 hour remote access to everything happening in your back yard all the time. You can even set up your security system to only be activated by motion detection. Whether day or night, we can see for you while you are away with advanced infrared, color security, zoom or a number of other solutions that meet your needs. By understanding your needs utilizing our professional and experienced staff, 2m cctv provides the only place to go for the complete customization and privatization of your security Visit 2m CCTV

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