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To know 3 Arts Healing, you better know Sandi. Do you believe in the love of life, the love of people, and the concept of dynamic energy? Meet Sandi who will make these principles clear to you the moment you meet her. Her life's dream is to share her experience of yoga, healing by nature and the importance of dietary medicine. With unprecedented knowledge in life coaching, she will not only be your guide but your friend through your sessions and classes. Her certifications range from Asian Healing to Whole Foods Nutrition, from Zen to Yoga, and from Macrobiotic to Raw Foods Cooking. What a resume for someone committed to sharing her knowledge. Sandi is also a renown author producing such manuscripts as Healing with Whole Foods and Nutrition. Since practicing Yoga at the early age of 14, Sandi has been teaching for over 20 years. Having a life long problem of knowing when to speak or when to listen? Sandi is there to share. The combination of meditation, breathing, energy awareness and nutrition is the frontrunner to exploring the mind, body and spirit. At 3 Arts Healing you will experience life as it is meant to live, and a visit is highly recommended for a life changing experience. Visit 3 arts healing

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