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Almost everybody has heard of ebay or going to an auction online. It can be fun and exciting, but how many folks regret that they lost a product because they did not bid high enough. Listen to another way to get thousands upon thousands of products spanning over 50 different categories without having to wait to be the lowest bidder. Welcome to 4Sale4Now whose completely unique and patented process joins both the buyer and the seller for an invigorating purchasing experience. If you are interested in selling an item, you decide a fair price and a discount structure. The power of selling an item belongs to the individual rather than the process. Upload the item or service and away it goes in no time for a price you have already stated you will accept. Now, when you go to buy an item, you can monitor the discounted price schedule as it is happening. Prices can drop as much as 50%, but don't dilly dally too long or it may be snatched up. In other words, instead of waiting to see if your bid has been accepted, when you want something at a price you are willing to pay, it is yours just like that. Come to 4Sale4Now and put the power of the purchase in your hands. Visit 4sale4now.com

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